About Us

NaturePac By EPP was created to showcase the vast range of compostable and recyclable packaging options available to businesses. We aim to give our customers as much knowledge as we can so they can make an informed decision as to what type of packaging best suits their business and their own customers.

EPP has been supplying East Anglia and the rest of the UK packaging for over 60 years. Through that time a lot has changed, but most notably over the last 12 months, there has been a real drive to package products more responsibly. 

As a key packaging supplier, we believe it is our responsibility to introduce the new packaging options to our customers and educate them on the different materials available. The compostable and recyclable options are growing daily at present.

Our Team:

Julie - Managing Director (Our guiding light!) - jcollett@naturepac.co.uk
Interests include growing her own vegetables, holidays to Spain, and cooking.

James - Operations Director - jturton@naturepac.co.uk
Spends most weekend in the middle of a field watching his wife compete in equestrian pursuits.

Richard B - General Manager (Our very own Product Jedi!) - rbutcher@naturepac.co.uk
His head is full of useful (and not so useful!) product knowledge. If we have any technical questions, Mr Butcher is the first person we talk too!

Richard H - Sales Executive - rharben@naturepac.co.uk
You will most likely find him cycling to a mountain so he can climb it. He has also run a few marathons (we all think he is crazy! and we are a little jealous but don't tell him).

Barbara N - Customer Success - bnicols@naturepac.co.uk
Newest member of the team. We are very please that Barbara is a keen baker! her specialty is a Jaffa Cake, Cake.

Nick G - Internal Sales Executive - ngeeson@naturepac.co.uk
Nick is our resident sporting and Marvel Movie guru. Feel free to call him and test his pub quiz knowledge on the FA Cup!

Lorraine - Accounts Assistant
Generally spends her time trying to keep the rest of us organised!

Dave - Driver and Chief Warehouseman
He is very passionate about a very tidy van and warehouse! 

Liam - Warehouseman and Driver
The FASTEST warehouseman in the west!!

Eddie and Billy - Company Mascots
Eddie is a ginger Lab and Billy is a Westie and are always happy to welcome guests in to the office

NaturePac is a Trademark of

Evolution Packaging Products Ltd
Unit 40-42 Edison Road
St Ives
PE27 3LF