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Welcome to our dedicated Recyclables channel.
Keep an eye out for the CyclaPac icon on any Recyclable items.

Post Consumer Waste Materials

We’re currently testing the best possible materials to use (and re-use) in our Recyclables.
We want to bring you packaging options that celebrate post-consumer waste materials and can easily be recycled.

We like to think of home delivery...

as just one moment in a circular recycling puzzle. But imagine if that first package was already made from recycled material.

What does Recyclable actually mean? CyclaPac products are manufactured from a single bio-based material or post-consumer recycled content. This means that they can easily be recycled at curbside, and other existing waste streams. Why go Recyclable?  We know that Compostable items are a fine solution for oily foods and home composters, but we can’t say (for sure) that waste management companies will ever have the resources or funding in place to manage those items effectively going forward.

We hope to see an influx of funding and well-planned infrastructure built around Compostable waste processes, but we may also see an efficient resurgence in new
recycling solutions too. With this in mind, CyclaPac is now our dedicated channel comprised of 100% recyclable options, clear information, useful guidance and support.
When is a Recyclable package the best option? Well... it depends what you’re putting inside it, where it’s going, how it will be stored and transported,
but we can talk you through all of this.

Talk to us…

We’d love to hear from you.

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